Climate control offers comfort and cost savings

Biddle has introduced a revolutionary multi-directional heating and cooling system that promises to deliver optimal indoor temperatures and cost savings.

The innovative NOZ2 Cooling technology, developed by industry leaders Biddle, has been designed to deliver a user-friendly and energy efficient cooling system for industrial, retail and leisure applications.

Kim Wilson, group marketing manager for Biddle, said: “The latest addition to our NOZ2 range, NOZ2 Cooling, provides both heating and cooling from a single product. Its introduction gives us a complete suite of models, including water heating, water cooling, gas heating, ambient and ventilation.”

The cutting-edge NOZ ‘optimum air distribution by induction’ technology sets the range apart from its competitors, delivering an energy efficient solution to temperature control in large spaces.

The system provides high air displacement across a large area due to the induction effect, with adjustable discharge patterns and minimal heat loss delivering efficient re-use of energy.

Kim added: “Developed specifically for larger buildings with high ceilings, the NOZ2 range is more effective than traditional products and significantly more energy efficient. Fewer devices are needed to heat or cool large areas, and the user-friendly optional automatic controller ensures it is easier to operate and maintain than most other systems.”

“The main difference between the NOZ2 range and other air handling units is the number of air outlets. Whereas most of the products on the market have one nozzle, our products have six, hence the name ‘NOZ.’"

“The nozzles can be individually positioned to direct warm air away from workstations to avoid drafts, or where appropriate, to channel cool air into workspaces to maximise comfort.”

NOZ2 Cooling works by drawing in warm air which is cooled and then distributed evenly throughout the room. Condensation from the cooling process is collected by a built-in demister, and can be drained away, therefore there is no restriction on where the cooling unit can be sited.

The NOZ2 Automatic Control automatically adjusts the heat output and fan speed to ensure a consistent, comfortable temperature is maintained, with Biddle’s industry-leading CHIPS technology constantly evaluating the optimum air volume and heat form the high-performance stepless EC-fans.

The system is programmed through a user-friendly automatic control panel linked to a room temperature sensor. Up to 50 NOZ2 units can be linked to one b-touch for heating or cooling. When ventilation is provided, up to ten units can be controlled by a single b-touch.


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