NOZ2 Air Heater

Energy efficient heat source brings comfort to large spaces
Biddle is proud to present the NOZ2, an air heater that offers optimal, efficient heating to large and high-ceilinged buildings. Achieving substantial energy savings and a comfortable working environment is a dual challenge, which the NOZ2 accepts in style. Model NOZ2 meets these requirements by combining its strong points, such as an optimal air distribution, minimal heat loss and fully automatic controls.

Automatic heat where it is needed
NOZ2 when connected with automatic controls will constantly maintain the set temperature. This is possible as a result of  the energy-efficient EC fans which have stepless control. The warm air at ceiling level is automatically and effectively recycled to maintain the constant temperature at floor level. 

Why choose NOZ2?
  • Energy saving climate solutions
  • 15% reduction of required power
  • Efficient reuse of energy
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Automatic controls
  • Gas-fired version also available
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