Privacy policy

Storage of data
The web server automatically recognises IP addresses whenever this internet site is visited.

When you visit this internet site we store:

  • your e-mail address if you submit a contact form 
  • the domain names of any other internet sites that you consulted to browse to this internet site 
  • all information relating to the pages you consulted on this internet site

We use this information:

  • to improve the content of this internet site 
  • to determine the number of visits to this internet site 
  • we use the information for internal purposes only and will not pass it to other organizations for any commercial purposes

We may use cookies on this internet site. A cookie is a small file that is transmitted by a web server and installs itself on your computer's hard disk. This file tracks the visit to the internet site and contains a number of data concerning that visit.

If in the future you wish to receive no e-mail messages relating to Biddle Air Systems Ltd. any more, please contact us by e-mail at


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